North Sea Salt Works HAVSNØ™ Sea Salt Flakes

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HAVSNØ™ Sea Salt Flakes

HAVSNØ, means ‘snow of the sea’ and it is the name given to our finest hand harvested sea salt flakes. Havsnø is made from pure, clean and cold sea water sourced from Saltsteinleia, a sea passage that comes in from the open sea past our factory on an island in Møre og Romsdal, Norway. The body of water that surrounds us is the Norwegian Sea.

HAVSNØ consists of crunchy and delicate sea salt flakes with a taste that reflects Norwegian nature and the wild ocean that surrounds us. This is a 100% pure and natural product with no additives and a strong salt taste without bitterness so you can use less salt on your favorite foods.

Suggested retail price for 175 g pouch, $15