Handmade Kettle-Style Potato Chips, various flavors

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Handmade Kettle-Style Potato Chips, hand-tossed with our very own Salty Provisions' Sea Salts & Seasoning Blends

Small batch, hand made, hand packaged. Premium kettle-style potato chips flavored with a variety of our own quality sea salts and seasoning blends.


  • DOUBLE ONION + ROASTED GARLIC SEA SALT Kettle-Style Potato Chips (5 oz bag)
  • COFFEE SALT Kettle-Style Potato Chips (5 oz bag)
  • SALT + PEPPER Kettle-Style Potato Chips (5 oz bag)
  • ZESTY DILL PICKLE Kettle-Style Potato Chips (5 oz bag)

INGREDIENTS: Potatoes, soy bean oil plus the ingredients for the specific flavor (see the listing for the shaker for exact additional ingredients)

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ALLERGENS & SENSITIVITIES: CONTAINS SOY, plus those from each specific flavor.
No fillers, anti-caking agents, preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors. Made with gluten-free ingredients. No dairy.