4-PACK CASE of Handmade Kettle-Style Potato Chips made with Salty Provisions' sea salt seasoning blends

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Our 5 oz bags of chips retail for $7 each at farmers markets, events and craft fairs while supplies last.

Handmade Kettle-Style Potato Chips, hand-tossed with our very own Salty Provisions' Sea Salts & Seasoning Blends

Small batch, hand made, hand packaged. Premium kettle-style potato chips flavored with a variety of our own quality sea salts and seasoning blends.

Flavors available vary based on current inventory.


  • Double Onion + Roasted Garlic Sea Salt Kettle-Style Potato Chips (5 oz bag)

INGREDIENTS: Potatoes, soy bean oil, flake sea salt, yellow onion, green onion, garlic, chives.

  • Extra Salty Savory Herbes de Provence Sea Salt Kettle-Style Potato Chips (made with our Wanderlust Sea Salt Blend (5 oz bag)

INGREDIENTS: Potatoes, soy bean oil, flake sea salt, garlic, onion, black pepper, thyme, lavender flowers, rosemary, marjoram, fennel seeds, savory, basil.