Gindo's Hot Sauce + Salty Provisions Gift Box Collaboration

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If you visit us at farmers markets, craft fairs and festivals in the Greater Chicago area, and you like hot sauce, you know Gindos. Their cult-like following is well deserved. Award winning, fresh ingredient, small batch hot sauces made in collaboration with local farmers, growers, breweries, and more. They have three flavors all year 'round, two of which are included in this gift set. Hundreds of other limited edition specialty small batch flavors have been released into the marketplace too. 

We are honored to announce our two newest flavors of infused sea salts made with crisp, clean Norwegian Flake Sea Salt from North Sea Salt Works as the main ingredient, and Gindo's Spice of Life Jalapeño Poblano and Honey Habanero Hot Sauces. 

How hot are they, you ask? The salts embody the flavor of the sauces have a touch of heat for the more experienced, slightly stronger for the more sensitive tasters. The sauces themselves fall into the MILD and HOT categories of a mild, medium and hot spectrum. They are meant to be enjoyed, not as a novelty heat to melt your face off. They've got other flavors for that. Pop over to for more details and available flavors for building out your collection.

1 bottle Jalapeño Poblano Gindo's Spice of Life Hot Sauce
1 shaker Jalapeno Poblano Infused Flake Sea Salt from Salty Provisions 
1 bottle Honey Habanero Gindo's Spice of Life Hot Sauce
1 shaker Honey Habanero Infused Flake Sea Salt from Salty Provisions
Gift Box included