Dill & Lemon Infused Nordic Flake Sea Salt

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Dill & Lemon Infused Nordic Flake Sea Salt

Fresh, crisp Flake Sea Salt hand-harvested from the North Sea in Norway, infused with organic lemon juice and dried dill weed.

Perfect rub for seasoning fish & seafood. Sprinkle on fresh baked potato & sour cream, fresh sliced tomatoes, eggs, grilled or roasted veggies or potatoes, or mix in softened unsalted butter to make a delicious compound butter or spread. Use on anything you'd season with salt or dill.

SHAKER BOTTLE (glass): Net Weight 1.06 oz (30g). Contains approximately 1/4 cup by volume.
REFILL POUCH: Net Weight 1.98 oz (56g). Contains approximately 1/2 cup by volume.

Salt harvested in Norway. Infused and packaged in the USA.