About Wanderlust Infused Sea Salt

Hi! We're Amy & Linn. We love to travel and visited family in Norway for our honeymoon. One of the souvenirs we picked up was a pouch of Hasvno Flake Sea Salt from North Sea Salt Works. We waited until we got home to open it and immediately fell in love with the pure salt flavor and snowflake texture. We used it on everything from seafood, steaks, eggs, grilled asparagus and more. When we ran out, I thought I'd just order some more... Sadly, we couldn't find it anywhere online here in the United States. I was devastated. We reached out to North Sea Salt Works in Norway and after a few conversations, we started sharing it with all of you here in the U.S.A.!

As my curiosity about salts grew, I began infusing them with things like garlic &  lemon. Wow! The salt is amazing in its pure form, and infused, it's even more of an elevated experience.

We are in the beginning of our private label journey and look forward to sharing with you as we infuse and blend of these Nordic Flake Sea Salts with all our favorite flavors.

If you love salt like we do, you'll absolutely LOVE this too! Stay tuned for more details!

Warmest, Amy & Linn